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The Water Damage Restoration Process Explained

Structural Drying

If your Austin home has water damage, you should call your local water damage restoration Austin professionals to extract the standing water and dry out the structure. Stagnant water seeps into the structure of the home; this may lead to the growth of mold, and compromise the structure of the home. Here is a brief look at the process that our technicians use when drying out the house.

The Investigation

The first step will be to stop the flow of water and extract all standing water. During that process, the water extracion experts will want to know the extent of harm caused by the water. They will require some time to investigate the situation and put together a plan of action. Some materials can be damaged beyond repair and will have to be removed from the property and disposed of.  As an example, if water and moisture are inside the wall, the sheet rock will be removed to enable drying and cleaning of the studs.

Their Line of Thinking

During water damage remediation, technicians are continuously monitoring the property’s moisture content. With the proper equipment, they will observe the changes in humidity throughout the day and the night. Allowing technicians understand which areas are the most difficult to dry.

Pinpointing the Cause

The plan of action will include a moisture-map of your home. The map will allow for a clear understanding of drying process. It is also used as documentation in making a claim with the insurance company. The map shows how the water moved throughout the house, and where it stagnated. It also has a diagram of the drying equipment and shows how much each room was affected. The map facilitates secure communication with insurers, technicians, project managers, and you as the homeowner.

A Healthy Future

The water damage could be from fire department hoses, as they try to put out a fire in your home. In this case, after drying the house, there will be a follow-up with fire damage clean up, to rid the house of any hazardous material, soot, smoke and odor left by the fire. If necessary, mold damage cleanup services will ensure your home is clear of any harmful fungi.