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Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost: Estimate of Roofing Costs

Standing seam metal roof cost depends on many factors each of which will make a direct or indirect impact on the final price of your roofing. Two major factors that make the biggest difference to standing seam metal roof price are the material costs and cost of labor.

Metal roofing is a lot more expensive when compared to asphalt roofing shingles. But, when you consider the fact that asphalt shingles roof need replacement every 15 years or so, the costs will add up. Metal roofs are a long-lasting solution often lasting for more than 50 years. Some of the copper roofing shingles are known to last for 150 years. Multiply the cost of laying asphalt shingles by three times to get the equivalent standing seam metal roof cost. Metal roofing shingles or standing seam metal roof panels last for a long time without much maintenance. Metal roofs especially copper is beautiful even when it ages. It acquires a green patina which is elegant and gives an old world charm to the home.

Labor Cost:

When considering the standing seam metal roof cost remember that you pay for the cost of laying the metal shingles or metal panels only once. But, for asphalt and other shingles, you will pay nearly three times during the same period. Labor costs go up every year and so you will be paying more every time you relay your roof. So, you’ll need to factor this into your costs. Labor costs will depend on the complexity of laying the metal panels. Some metal roofing requires more work than others, and this will naturally cost more. For example, some metal seams need the metal seaming to be done onsite others need the precise interlocking of two panels for proper alignment.

Beware of Cheap Labor

Laying roofs to correctly align all the metal panels and making it weather tight is very important. Using a competent Houston metal roofing contractor who has gained expertise through years of experience will ensure that your roof does not spring a leak after a couple of years of laying it. They would take into consideration any expansions and contractions due to the weather and factor in other problems that might crop over the lifetime of the roofing and make suitable arrangements, so your roof remains weather tight for its life. As a homeowner, you should be willing to pay for the expertise of the roofing contractors who makes sure that not only your standing seam metal roof cost pays for itself but also ensures that it remains trouble free for its entire lifetime.